LOKI – The Undying

Talking about Loki, he is a character that can never die with his magic tricks and also his charming personality he always escapes death. While I was watching Avengers -Infinity war I recall his death scene where I was so sure that he ain’t dead and I felt nothing when Thanos breaks his neck whereas I cried so hard when Iron man died and Captain America retires even when Natasha sacrifices her for the soul stone I went emotional but not for him knowing how good he is for pretending his own death.

Sadly He dies but…we get an alternate version of Loki which I still love and so do the fan we receives an amazing web series starring Tom Hiddleston and his journey in a crazy yet awesome universe. 

Loki the cunning trickster which nobody ever hated despite being a Villain and having an ill objective to conquer the world and killing hundreds of people just for a throne. Well, a little did we know will be loved by the audience so much so that gets his own web series by Marvel Entertainment. 

After the launch of the 5th episode, the hype for the show has skyrocketed especially for me. The show starts wherein “End-Game” Loki has the tesseract to himself and the TVA kidnapped him. Where he finds a whole new organization working and responsible for the perfect balance of the timeline, later meets Mobius a timekeeper (One who works for the TVA to protect the sacred timeline) who ask Loki to help him to find a Variant where Loki works for him then leave him and run with a different variant of himself  called Sylvie who is trying to kill every single timekeeper and destroy the TVA as TVA ruined her life and destroyed her timeline and this Loki from the different timeline is a woman version of Loki with whom Loki starts a new journey finding that Sylvie is not the bad guy and the plot completely changes and shifts to what is TVA and who are behind all of this. The Duo comes closer to each other and shares some gossips and listen to me carefully “LOKI fall in love with his own self..”. Wow now, this is called self-love and people think I am the one who is self-involved. 

Now the show pitch changes to a suspense crime thriller where Loki and few timekeeper find out the truth of the TVA and they start to find the real Man or Woman behind TVA which by the way is so exciting for Marvel fans as there are endless possibilities that who could be the one. 

But what is more exciting is to see Tom Hiddleston’s potential as Loki and his love story with himself (Sylvie) and what will it end like as the finale episode is going to air this Wednesday and sadly the last episode where we are going to see Tom’s performance as LOKI. Honestly, I never thought I will miss anybody except Iron man and Captain America but yes I will miss him too, and don’t think anyone could do it better than Tom Hiddleston himself. He justifies the role so perfectly that he also had a comic book version of himself.

What are your reviews regarding Marvels LOKI, Do let us know in the comments.   

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